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Blurb and Extracts

"Charming and delightful - while still packing a punch! This novel is quirky and clever and big-hearted in all the right ways." - Kathleen Bryson

The blurb for this novel (it's not a self help book, although the title is admittedly ambiguous) is below, followed by the first three chapters of the book. If you want to know what others have had to say about it there are reviews, interviews and quotes here.

Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex
Alice Turing

"We easily believe what we ardently desire to be true."

Psychic Dancing is a New Age sensation, but is it a trick of the mind? A harmless self-help technique? Or a breakthrough in human consciousness, which will end all pain and disease?

Henrietta thinks people should stay the hell out of each other's heads, keep their hands to themselves, and dance with people they know. Not with strangers. Not in public. And especially not psychically. That's just ridiculous.

Leo makes money from reading minds, but detests all things psychic. Henrietta is falling in love with Leo's girlfriend Belle, who loves Leo, who loves Denzel, who will only love him back if Leo says he's gay. And all four of them are heading for a momentous Event which will turn their lives inside out.

Told with humour, magical know-how and a twisted eye, this novel is an energetic and intriguing tale of love, lust and illusion.

Do you believe?


The first three chapters.

"Original, funny and wonderfully odd." - Sarah Salway

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