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Frequently Bothered and Bewildered

"What a hoot. It is a book full of surprises - of titillation, of twists and turns, of fun, revelations and dreams. But mostly, this is a book full of heart and hope." - Sue Guiney

Is your brain aching with the complexity of it all? Confused? You won't be... after this week's episode of Bothered and Bewildered, wherein I will answer all questions, starting with the obvious one...


...or in other words, what on earth am I (Alice) playing at?

It's so much more fun this way! I tried the conventional publishing route but I got sick of the endless wibble about "mainstream" and "commercial" and "too quirky". Sod all that, said I. Yah boo to that. I'll publish the damn thing myself. This way, I get to be in charge. I don't have to pretend to be anything I'm not, or get all of a pother because I haven't sold sixty-squillion copies. It's heaven.

The Book Itself

Can I have a copy of the cover, for my review / article / blog post / whatever?

Of course. Use this one, or scroll down to the bottom of this page for larger versions:

What is Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex about?

It's a novel about a magician, who specialises in reading minds, and whose friends get caught up in a New Age cult called Psychic Dancing. You can read a longer description and some extracts here.

What is the book's ISBN?


Has anyone read it?

Yes. These people here. They all liked it. Because it's brilliant. But don't take my word for it.

Who is responsible for that amazing cover?

It was designed by Lucy Pepper, using an illustration by Francis Blake - who has also done some line drawings for the chapter headings, and a hand-drawn font for this site. They are two shockingly lovely and talented people. I'm lucky to know them.

Who built this site?

Ah, well. [cough] That was me. I don't really know what I'm doing though, hence general hand-knittedness. Luckily I had a specially-commissioned hand-drawn font done by the lovely Francis Blake, to help me.

Buying Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex

How do I buy it?

The special-edition hardback sold out within weeks of going on sale, but there is now a second-edition paperback available on Lulu, here.

All About Alice

Who are you anyway?

Alice Turing. Pleased to meet you.

Who or what is Chutzpah Publishing?

My publishing company! Created specially for this project. The idea of using a word that meant "cheeky" made me giggle. You pronounce it with a guttural "ch", and the "utz" part rhymes with "shuts", not "puts". Unless you're from Rochdale, in which case it rhymes with both.

"This book is magic. You can feel it; pulsing from the prose; pushing from the page; penetrating your psyche. Read it. You know you want to." - Debi Alper

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