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More About Alice

"An energetic riot of a book, packed with mind-bending mentalism, New Age nonsense and cross-gender bed-hopping." - Kat Arney

Alice Turing was languishing in a pit of despair, a trough of doom, a derelict bath of doldrums and several other writers' hangouts. After months of wheedling, all her agent had was a deal with a major publisher - in German - and lots of quotes from editors who said things like, "Alice writes brilliantly" and "I applaud her ability to write with such flair and originality". But there was always a "but", and it was always followed by phrases such as "too quirky" and "not commercial enough."

She sulked for a while. Novelists love to sulk. And then she had a revelation. What if, instead of turning herself inside out trying to please an elusive swarm of people she would never know, she pleased herself and her friends instead? What if she decided she didn't need fame, fortune or thousands of readers, she just needed a Really Nice Book?

So she made one. It is here for the ordering. Enjoy.

NB: Alice didn't do all this on her own. She had a lot of help from some amazing people, not least...
Ally Fogg, who typeset the novel and did a lot else besides.
Francis Blake, who did the illustration for the cover, some line drawings for the chapter headings and a hand-drawn font for the front page of this site.
Lucy Pepper, who designed the cover of the book and did a lot of image-tweaking for this site.


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