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Site Map and Contact Details

"It's funny, bitter-sweet and disturbing in equal parts. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a novel that's both entertaining and a feast for the mind." - Brian Clegg


The cover of the book was designed by the multi-talented Lucy Pepper, using a specially-commissioned illustration by the gorgeous Francis Blake. Francis also did some line drawings for the chapter headings of the book, AND a unique hand-drawn font for the front page of this site.

Contact Details:

Chutzpah Publishing
4 Leedale St
M12 5SH

email Chutzpah Publishing

Site Map:

Right. Site map. OK, well, there's this load of stuff, see, and you can look at it if you click on links and stuff. What links? What stuff?

These links. This stuff:

You've got all the stuff telling you how ace this novel is and how wonderful and clever and talented I am...

Reviews and Quotes
Novel Blurb + Extracts
Alice Turing bio + interviews
The beautiful beautiful cover (designed by Lucy Pepper, illustrated by Francis Blake)

Then there's the stuff about how to buy it and all that:

Sales Figures So Far
Frequently Bothered Bemusings (also known as Questions)
BUY Dance Your Way to Psychic Sex
Where to go when you've bought one

And then there's all the different ways you can stalk me:

My blog

I think that's it. Let me know if I missed anything out.

"It's loaded with sharp dialogue, some gorgeous imagery, and is punctuated with a down to earth wit which has you laughing and smiling. This is easily one of the more original stories I've read all year." - Gordon McLean

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